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Journal of Patient Experience

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Patient Engagement

The Expectation/Experience Gap

As patients become more active in their care, they have higher expectations of the care that they will receive


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Who We Are

The Association for Patient Experience (AfPE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Cleveland Clinic dedicated to improving and advancing the patient experience.
What is patient experience? It is providing the best clinical care and service possible for patients, and it is our collective responsibility. Safety and physical comfort must be included, as well as the patient’s educational, emotional and spiritual needs. This includes everything from making sure questions are answered, to reducing wait times, to getting him or her home safely.

Patient Experience: it’s not about making patients happy over quality. It’s about safe care first, high quality care, and then satisfaction. — James Merlino, MD

President And founder,   association for patient experience


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For Patients

Taking an active role in your care has many advantages. There are things you can do to familiarize yourself with everyday practices that can improve your care experience. You can also find resources here to help yourself and the ones you care for as you participate in the healthcare system.

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