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Improving Patient Experience: From Emergency Department to Inpatient Care

| 11/28/2016

In the Emergency Department environment, high levels of stress, patient expectations, and long wait times can threaten the patient experience. As EDs across the country look for ways to improve efficiency and streamline admission processes, purposeful strategies are needed to ensure patient are provided with authentic connections at every touch point throughout their journey. Members interested in learning about examples of enhanced ED/inpatient integration, real-time service recovery, patient-centered care transitions, and those interested in building stronger teams throughout the hospital are encouraged to view. 


Tags: feedback, physician communication, nursing, rounding, service, leadership

The Power of Patient and Family Partnerships

| 7/27/2016

Patient and family involvement in planning, design, implementation, and evaluation activities are essential if the goal is genuine relationship, patient, and family-centered care. This presentation will focus on innovative pre-service educational methods as well as the use of Patient & Family Partnership Councils to engage patients, parents and families in partnerships. Join educators from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and leaders from Northwell Health for this webinar.


Tags: communication, councils, education, empathy

Successful methods for engaging your people and your patients

| 6/26/2016

Join our 2016 Practice of the Year and Outstanding Caregiver award recipients to learn about their prize-winning work. Mari Iromoto, Director of Quality and Innovation at Michael Garron Hospital/Toronto East Health Network, shares about a patient video program that engages all stakeholders in building a more empathetic understanding of the patient experience. Sarah Reed, previously served as a Senior Best Practice Administrator within the Accountable Care Services at Swedish Medical Group (SMG). Sarah shares how she developed and piloted a patient experience program that significantly increased the patient experience.

Tags: culture, leadership, employee engagement, best practices

Engaged Rounding: Practices to Improve Patient & Caregiver Experiences

| 6/26/2015 Learn how leaders transform hourly and leadership nurse rounding programs into real tools to improve patient care. Tags: nursing, rounding, culture

Fostering a Culture of Employee Engagement

| 12/22/2014 Patients notice the environment around them, including dissatisfaction among staff. Employee engagement isn’t easily achieved, and if a healthcare organization wants to positively impact engagement, a strategy to drive this effort must be in place. ProMedica Health System’s Human Resources/Organizational Development Division discusses how they have been driving employee engagement across a 12-hospital health system with 15,000 employees and nearly 1,900 physicians.

Tags: culture, employee engagement

Healing Services and its Impact on the Employee and Patient Experience

| 11/19/2014 In hospitals across the nation, concerns about self-care and compassion fatigue as experienced by hospital staff are being raised. Learn how spiritual care can help staff meet the demands of their shifts, help them continue to develop, access resilience and stay engaged with their patients. Tags: nursing, culture, code lavender, employee engagement

Sustaining a Culture of Service Excellence

| 10/31/2014 Creating and implementing a service excellence platform is essential in serving as the foundation for a culture conducive to a positive patient experience, but sustaining it can be a challenging endeavor. In this webinar, Cleveland Clinic and Greenwich Hospital share steps to create an engaged caregiver population that is dedicated to providing outstanding levels of service. Tags: culture, service

Promoting Patient Experience through Vibrant Bioethics Resources

| 1/16/2015 Clinical bioethics resources, including ethics case consultation, education and policy development and support can promote positive patient experience both through direct support of patients, families and caregivers and through organizational initiatives. Learn strategies for developing your bioethics resources to promote positive patient experience.

Tags: communication, culture

Expanding Your Extraordinary Experience Culture - Training Internal Coaches

| 8/1/2014 Diane Stover-Hopkins, co-author of the book Wake Up and Smell the Innovation and one of the first Chief Experience Officers in the country with Memorial Hospital of South Bend, focuses on ways to select and train internal coaches to assist leaders and front line staff in the pursuit of extraordinary experiences. Tags: culture, leadership

The Volunteer Impact on the Patient Experience

| 6/25/2014 By thinking about where volunteers can add the most value, creating roles that are meaningful, and measuring impact, the ongoing presence of volunteers can increase patient experience and satisfaction scores. Learn how Cleveland Clinic and Long Island Jewish Medical Center have mobilized their volunteers to enhance the patient and visitor experience. Tags: service

Integrating Data, Leadership and Best Practices Into A Service Roadmap For Your Organization

| 5/8/2014 This program outlines essential components of a service strategy to help you choose and prioritize areas of focus, including practical tools for integrating your data, leaders and best practices into an approach that will be able to produce sustainable results. Tags: HCAHPS, communication, rounding, culture, service, leadership, data

Healthcare Design: The Patient Room Is Where the Patient Is

| 3/26/2014 In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, there are several alternative entry points into the healthcare system. A static inpatient room or emergency department as the prototypical healthcare setting is becoming obsolete. Design research findings, wireless technologies, evolving care delivery models and patient expectations are offering tantalizing solutions for a nimbler healthcare landscape responsive to patients’ needs. Tags: design, environment

Principles of Managing Patient Survey Feedback

| 2/19/2014 As standardized survey instruments, transparency of results and performance-based payments become the new norm, hospitals and clinics must integrate survey feedback analysis into their improvement planning efforts. A purposeful strategy to leverage patient feedback can remove ambiguity from otherwise subjective data and guide tactical efforts to drive improvement. Tags: feedback, survey, HCAHPS, data

How to Engage Physicians in the Patient Experience

| 11/7/2013

Strong physician relations are imperative for success. Achieving true physician engagement remains elusive for many healthcare organizations. Efforts to improve physician engagement include transparency and should be physician-led. In this webinar, our president, James Merlino, MD, describes the importance of engaging physicians to improve the patient experience.

Tags: HCAHPS, communication, physician communication

Increasing Patient and Family Engagement in a Multi-Hospital System

| 10/30/2013 Many organizations receive feedback via patient satisfaction surveys and HCAHPS regarding care received in their hospitals. While these are informative in specific areas of care, they lack the opportunity for open collaboration with patients AND family members. Creating a Patient/Family Experience Advisor Program integrates additional feedback mechanisms including advisory councils, focus groups, and custom surveys allowing staff to learn more about gaps in service, programming, and care. Tags: feedback, communication

Making Hourly Rounding Purposeful

| 9/19/2013 To realize the influence of hourly rounding, nurse leaders must hold staff accountable and validate the key behaviors and language on a regular basis. Cleveland Clinic's Executive Chief Nursing Officer Kelly Hancock, DNP, NE-BC, describes why a real commitment from nursing is necessary to fully engage in the practice. Tags: nursing, rounding

Succeeding as a Patient Experience Professional

| 8/22/2013 Many of us are drawn to healthcare because of our passion to hep those in need. We often think that role can only be clinical. Nina Setia, owner of Experience Matters, LLC, former chief patient experience officer of New York Langone Medical Center describes how patient experience professionals can actually help the clinician be more successful and provide better care to patients as measured by HCAHPS and patient satisfaction results.

Tags: HCAHPS, service