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Tools and information to help you take an active role in your care.

3 ways to be a smart patient

Free Fact Sheets

Empowered Patient Coalition | 2011

Information to help you choose a doctor, identify who's who in the hospital, get help in the hospital, take care at home after surgery, deal with hospital bills and more


Free Hospital Guide and Patient Journal

Empowered Patient Coalition | 2009

A guide designed to help patients and families prepare for the issues involved in hospital care and a companion journal made up of a series of custom forms designed to assist you in organizing your medical information and your own observations


Free Online Training Courses

Empowered Patient Coalition
The Empowered Patient Coalition offers two online patient education training modules to help patients, family members, and caregivers learn the fundamentals of important patient safety and advocacy issues.


Patient Participation Forms

Empowered Patient Coalition | 2011
Forms for patients, family members, and caregivers to use to prepare for health care encounters, to fully participate in their visits, and to keep track of important information during hospitalization

SBAR Communication Technique for Hospital Patients & Advocates

Empowered Patient Coalition | 2009
SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) is a standardized communication tool developed by Kaiser Permanente to help healthcare professionals share critical information with efficiency and accuracy. Empowered Patient Coalition has designed its own SBAR form for patients and advocates to use to relay clinical information to a health care professional. The form will help you organize your observations and questions to present vital information using a format that is familiar to professionals.


What to Expect in the Emergency Department

Press Ganey Associates, Inc. | 2010
All consumers should be prepared and understand what to expect from a trip to the emergency department.